-Link- Marder interview at Scripts & Scribes

One hour audio interview of Larry Marder at the Scripts & Scribes podcast, where he talks about the origin of the Beanworld, his early self-publishing, his time at Image comics and his reasons for going to Dark Horse with his return to Beanworld.


A GIFT COMES digital available

ImageA GIFT COMES, the second Beanworld collection collecting the second half of the original run, is now available digitally from Dark Horse for $13, to be read in your web or through the available apps for Android or Apple’s iOS. For those who prefer print, it’s still available in that format as well.

Rest in Peace, Cory Marder

Larry Marder has just posted about the passing of his wife and inspiration Cory Marder. All condolences to him in this time, and a salute to her for the pivotal role she played in the development of the Beanworld.

New and Upcoming Beanworld, print and cyberspace

First, sorry for the long gap in posting.

To catch up on the big news, the colour Beanworld hardcover TALES OF THE BEANWORLD is scheduled to come out in July, featuring the Asylum stories, a few other rarities and some new stuff.

And BEANWORLD BOOK 1: WAHOOLAZUMA is now available digitally from Dark Horse. You can check out a preview of the first 25 pages and then buy the whole 275 page book for $12.99 if that’s your thing.  Presumably the next two books will follow in short order.

BEANWORLD 3.5 colour volume announced


Larry Marder has just announced the upcoming as-yet-unscheduled TALES OF THE BEANWORLD collection of various colour Beanworld pieces, along with some new material, which will lead directly into Book 4, hence the unofficial “3.5” label.  Couple of clues in the image links in the post.

-Link- Marder CBLDF Presidency

Congratulations to Larry Marder, now President of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.  Don’t forget to check out the Marder-edited LIBERTY COMICS #3, coming out in a few months.

New and Upcoming Marder

FRACTURED FABLES, an anthology comic published by Image and including a non-Beanworld Larry Marder story, is now available.

And it’s just been announced that Larry Marder is going to be the editor of this year’s issue of LIBERTY COMICS, a benefit book for the CBLDF, and it will include a story called “Why We Fight”, featuring some of the Beanworld characters (but out of Beanworld continuity).