Gunk’l’dunk v02 #002

[Archival copy – Addresses and upcoming news info might not be current]


online newsletter for/adhesive force between
readers of Larry Marder’s

Vol. 2 #2 March 17, 1996

Gunk’l’dunk is here to provide a forum for fans of Larry Marder’s TALES OF THE BEANWORLD (TOTB), and to promote wider readership of this unique comic. It’s been over a year since the last issue. Hey, what do you expect? I’m still more frequent than Marder. You want a regular newsletter read a regular book like Superman or Cerebus or something.

Compiled by BobH.
E-mail me to comment or contribute.
Founded by Jeremy York (editor, v1 #0-#11)


yeah, it’s been a while. I figured since there was finally movement on the Beanworld publishing front recently I’d knock off another issue. Also I finally figured out how to set up an e- mail distribution list, so I figured I’d set one up for beanfans. If you didn’t get this by direct e-mail and you’d like to get future stuff like this in your mailbox, e-mail me at, and feel free to pass along that address to beanfans who may not frequent anyplace where I post this. I’m also using this list to test the waters for an honest-to-gawd Beanworld mailing list if/when I can set one up.


Contents page (you are here)
Recent Beanworld stuff
Marder Bibliography
Heyoka in Cyberspace (Beanworld on-line)
In Future Issues…


Yes, there has been some actual Marder work published in the last year. Here’s what I know about.

LARRY MARDER’S BEANWORLD BOOK ONE – a new printing of the collection of ToTB #1-#4, with a new cover and an expanded history of the Beanworld. The new stuff is nice, except for the colour on the cover and some shading on the new intro pages.

Hungry? – an ashcan preview of the eventually upcoming FLOAT FORCE graphic novel. This has three segments from various places in the book, one presented finished, one just in pencils and one in both forms side-by-side. Plus various introductions.

ASYLUM #1-2 – An anthology from Maximum Press, it includes an ongoing Beanworld serial (which runs at least to #5 going by the solicitations). So far each chapter is four pages, and one of the two varient versions of #1 has a Mr. Spook cover (shown as an inset on the contents pages of the other version).


Here’s a quick version of my Marder bibliography as it stands to date. Without the details and sarcastic comments (see the Beanworld on-line section for where to find those)…

Main Bibliography

Tales Of The Beanworld #1-#21
Larry Marder’s Beanworld Book 1 (two printings)
Larry Marder’s Beanworld Book 2

Amazing Heroes #100
Amazing Heroes #136
The Art Of Jack Kirby
Asylum #1
Asylum #2
Freak Force #? (and other)
Giant-size Mini Comics #1
Goofy Service Doodle Book (ashcan)
Grimjack #42
Hepcats – Snowblind – Introduction
Hungry? (ashcan)
Images Of Omaha #2
Lady Arcane #2
Mars #8 – fan letter
Megaton Man – The Apocalypse Affiliation – Introduction
normalman #6
normalman/Megaton Man #1
Phantom Force #2 – Essay on Kirby
Rip Off Comix #17 – Script only
Scout #17
Shadowhawk #17
Shadowhawk Gallery #1
Shi/cyblade #1 – Introduction
Total Eclipse #3-#5
Zot! #4

Interviews with Larry Marder and related articles/reviews

Amazing Heroes #200
Comic Book Rebels
Comics Interview #142/#143
Comics Scene #31
The Comics Journal (Various Issues)
Hero Illustrated #11
Image Illustrated
Wizard #22
+ online interview by Jeremy York

Beans by other artists & references to Marder/Beanworld-

Amazing Heroes #185
Cerebus #200
Dr. Fate #41
Giant-size Mini Comics #1
Hate #8
Marvels #3
Shi/Cyblade #1
Thor #340
Understanding Comics
Wandering Star #5
Wandering Star #9
Zot! #21
Zot! #30
Zot! #31
Zot! #34


DIY Beanworld Certificate
“Beans Are Back” postcard with Liefeld’s Badrock
Various Beanworld t-shirts, rubber stamps, pins etc.
Various convention flyers

Upcoming stuff –

“Parts Unknown” trading card
“Visions of A Distant Soil” pin-up
the ASYLUM serial continues
One day, FLOAT FORCE shall exist…


A guide to Beanworld on-line.Okay, here’s a list of some of the Bean stuff I’ve been able to find on-line. E-mail me if you know of any others (I had a few others, but can’t find them now).

Best place to start is Alex Rosenheim’s Unofficial Beanworld Home Page. It has a lot of neat stuff (including fan art, issue summaries, the previous issue of this newsletter and more) as well as links to most of the stuff I’ll mention here.

All the issues of Gunk’l’dunk v1, by Jeremy York, along with a few other files (including an interview with Marder), are available at these sites:


A game called Beanworld the Harvesting (variation on Magic the Gathering) can be found here:

Another version of my Marder bibliography can be found, courtesy of Glenn Carnagey, at:

and there’s a neat Marder/Sim/Wagner/Smith jam piece at:

and if you head down Genie way, the Comics Round Table there has several really neat bits of fan-art, all the issues of Gunk’l’dunk, and a few years worth of the Beanworld topic available for download.


…and hopefully in less than a year (in fact, I’ll promise in less than a year. We all know how much promises of timeliness mean in the comics biz). Let’s see. Once there are a few more chapters out, I’ll do a review of the ASYLUM serial. Depending on how big the distribution list gets, I might do a beanfan poll. And whatever else I can think of or gets sent to me. Any requests?


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