Gunk’l’dunk v02

Gunk’l’dunk is dedicated to all things Beanworld, the comic book creation of Larry Marder.

Originally it was an online newsletter put together by Jeremy York from 1991 to 1993. You can read all of Jeremy’s issues here.

I put together five issues of Gunk’l’dunk v2 from 1995 to 1998. Issues are available on this site or at the link above. The ones on this site have been modified somewhat to get rid of some non-working web addresses, but will still have some out-of-date information, so consider them for archival purposes only.

Vol. 2 #1 March 6, 1995
Introduction etc.
Contents page
What is this Bean thing?
Beanworld News
Marder News
Larry Marder Bibliography
Everywhere are Beans….
In future issues

Vol. 2 #2 March 17, 1996
Contents page
Recent Beanworld stuff
Marder Bibliography
Heyoka in Cyberspace (Beanworld on-line)
In Future Issues…

Vol. 2 #3 April 22, 1996
Contents page
Corrections and Stuff
Interview – Marder in Montreal
Review – Goofy Service Doodle Book
Review – Hungry?
Review – “My Covenant With The Hawk”
In Future Issues…

Vol. 2 #4 November 2, 1996
Contents page
The New Address
Recent Bean Sightings
Review – “While we were eating!” (ashcan)
Review – “Closed Set” (GRIMJACK #42)
The Beanfan Poll
In Future Issues…

Vol. 2 #5 March 12, 1998
Contents page
Beanworld Addresses
Recent Bean Sightings
Heyoka In Cyberspace (Beanworld Online)
The Beanpoll Results
Review – Giant-Size Mini Comics #1
In Future Issues…

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