Gunk’l’dunk v01

The Beanworld fan newsletter Gunk’l’dunk was created by Jeremy York, who published a dozen issues from 1991 to 1993. You can read Jeremy’s issues over at The BeanWeb.

3 responses to “Gunk’l’dunk v01

  1. Hmm, that would be me. All these years later, the hard-to-reach itch that only Beanworld seems to be able to scratch has been flaring up again. Great to see the site up and rolling. I’ll have to dig through the archives to see if I have anything to contribute.

  2. Hey Jeremy. Glad you found the place. Looking forward to seeing if you dig up anything.

  3. Dave Van Domelen

    I googled up the issue with my Beanworld RPG and finally saved myself a copy (my local copy had gone away with an account that got cancelled, oops).

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