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Bean Spotting – American Elf March 2, 2009

A cute passing reference to Beanworld appeared recently in James Kochalka’s American Elf daily sketchbook comic strip.


Click here for the full strip, and thanks as always to expert Bean-spotter Shield Bonnichsen for the heads-up.


Bean Spotting – Savage Dragon #41 [1997]

Hey, take a look at this page by Erik Larsen page from SAVAGE DRAGON #41 [1997], a big wedding issue where a lot of characters from various creator-owned books show up (like the DNAgents, E-Man, Flaming Carrot and Zot), and of course where villains crash the party. Can you spot Mr. Spook?


Took me a while, too. Here’s a close-up, along with Ted the Bug from Jeff Smith’s BONE.

The cameo probably appears in the various collected reprints that include this issue.


Bean Spotting – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #15 [1988]

Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were probably the biggest phenomenon in self-publishing of the 1980s, coming from nowhere to become a multi-media empire that you couldn’t get away from in a few short years. The original book is actually quite a bit different from the more mainstream version of the characters, and I’ve enjoyed the bits of it I’ve read, both by the original creators and several of those who came in later.

Couple of amusing little Bean references in TMNT #15 from 1988. In the story, by Peter Laird and Jim Lawson, the Turtles visit a comic book shop, and one of them scores a great find:


And on the back cover there’s a painting of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird and their creations in a very cluttered studio, full of great stuff including some artwork on the wall, such as this:


(full images below)

Slightly more nebulous, but the robotic villains of the story, seen below, have certain design elements which suggest Marder style Beans.

The in-story reference is presumably present on the many reprints this story has likely seen in the last two decades. I don’t know if the back cover has ever been reprinted.


Thanks to Bean Spotter extraordinaire Shield Bonnichsen for pointing these out and providing the scans.

Bean Spotting – Marvels #3 [1994]

Marvels #3 [1994]
by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross

You can tell I’m running close to the end of these when I get to one like this…

MARVELS was one of the big song and dance super-hero production numbers of 1994, and was also a comic where Kurt Busiek decided that he would have actual text in the prop newspapers that appeared in the book, rather than “lorem ipsum” type text. And I guess after writing enough of that he went batty. So this page featuring some newspapers on the day after Galactus’ first invasion of Earth feature some rather odd text hidden in the corner, proclaiming that “Larry Marder is God” and apparently something about the UN declaring him to be the “nexus of…” [all comic book realities, presumably].

If you can take the squinting, the J. Jonah Jameson editorial speculating that the whole “Galactus invasion” was a hoax is worth reading as well, especially toward the end, where he starts ranting about that guy on a surfboard. The rest of MARVELS is worth a read as well.

This column was presumably present in all the myriad reprints of MARVELS that have come out since.


Bean Spotting – The Cartoonist #1 [1997]

The Cartoonist #1 [1997]
by Teri S. Wood

This comic collects Teri Wood’s comic strip “The Cartoonist”, which appeared in AMAZING HEROES from 1989 to 1993. Included are the two with Beanworld/Marder references, originally from AH #176 and AH #185. See the respective pages for more on each strip. Mr. Spook also appears on the cover, as part of a collage of images from the various strips.

You can find out more about Teri Wood and her comic book work, including WANDERING STAR, over at her website.


Bean Spotting – Amazing Heroes #176 [1990]

Amazing Heroes #176 [1990]
“The Cartoonist” by Teri S. Wood

Another entry in this list from Teri Wood, best known for her work on comics like WANDERING STAR and RHUDIPRRT, PRINCE OF FUR. From her regular humour strip based on current comics for AMAZING HEROES from 1989 to 1992 called “The Cartoonist”, featuring her (as an animated signature) interacting with a young woman named Silver and whatever comic characters she felt like poking fun at that issue. Very minor mention of Marder as the source for the swiped bean that grew Silver’s plant. The plant would continue to appear in a few strips, until Swamp Thing shows up and grows a new body out of it a few issues later.

The whole sequence of strips and others were reprinted in the 1997 published THE CARTOONIST #1 from Sirius.


Bean Spotting – Army Surplus Komikz Featuring Cutey Bunny #3 [1984]

Army Surplus Komikz Featuring Cutey Bunny #3 [1984]
By Joshua Quagmire

Here’s one that takes some squinting. There’s a pile of comics on the floor on the first page of this Cutey Bunny story, with all sorts of real and imagined comics of the mid-1980s. Among them, next to a NEXUS and below a SPIRIT is an issue of BEANWORLD.

Read more about Joshua Quagmire and his creations over at his website.