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New Beanworld Day – Wahoolazuma

[Oops, posted too quickly, apparently running a week or two late, the book should be out by the end of the month]

Larry Marder’s BEANWORLD BOOK 1: WAHOOLAZUMA! is out today from Dark Horse. Check out your favourite comic shop or order from your preferred on-line vendor. And out in a few months is A GIFT COMES!, finishing up the original 21 issue run, including several never reprinted stories.


New Beanworld Day

dhbeanTHE BEANWORLD HOLIDAY SPECIAL should be available in better comic book stores today. And while you’re there, let them know if you’re interested in the upcoming collection WAHOOLAZUMA!, scheduled for February 11, 2009.

And now I has it and it is good! Check out the official Hoo-Hoo-HAs & a Hoka-Hoka-HEY! letter column type thing for the 21st century for more.

Marder blog art index

I’m not going to make it a habit to link to Larry Marder’s blog when he posts new Beanworld art, since I assume anyone reading this is a regular reader there. However, for my future reference I will try to maintain an index of posts with new art, since you never know when you’ll want to find Proffy’s view of the use of symbols in the latest Harry Potter book.

Hoka Hoka HEY

Welcome to what I’m calling Gunk’l’dunk v03. What was once an irregular newsletter for fans of Larry Marder’s TALES OF THE BEANWORLD (see sidebar for links to the previous versions) is now an irregular weblog devoted to the same. Jumps in technology in the near decade since the last of the newsletters mean you can expect a lot more visuals. The main project for the first little while will be putting together a more detailed Marder bibliography and the “Bean Spotting” section of Beanworld characters and references by other creators. After those are done, maybe some character profiles and the like.