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New Beanworld – Volume 3.5 colour hardcover

Now available, the latest Beanworld book from Larry Marder and Dark Horse, TALES OF THE BEANWORLD aka BEANWORLD VOLUME 3.5, collecting various colour stories, including the revamped ASYLUM story “While We Wuz Eatin'” (previously “While We Were Eating”).  Click here for more details and some sample pages.


New and Upcoming Beanworld, print and cyberspace

First, sorry for the long gap in posting.

To catch up on the big news, the colour Beanworld hardcover TALES OF THE BEANWORLD is scheduled to come out in July, featuring the Asylum stories, a few other rarities and some new stuff.

And BEANWORLD BOOK 1: WAHOOLAZUMA is now available digitally from Dark Horse. You can check out a preview of the first 25 pages and then buy the whole 275 page book for $12.99 if that’s your thing.  Presumably the next two books will follow in short order.

New and Upcoming Marder

FRACTURED FABLES, an anthology comic published by Image and including a non-Beanworld Larry Marder story, is now available.

And it’s just been announced that Larry Marder is going to be the editor of this year’s issue of LIBERTY COMICS, a benefit book for the CBLDF, and it will include a story called “Why We Fight”, featuring some of the Beanworld characters (but out of Beanworld continuity).

Remember (almost) Here

Apparently BEANWORLD BOOK 3: REMEMBER HERE WHEN YOU ARE THERE appears on the invoices for some, but not all, comic shops getting books from Diamond this week (which probably means only one of their warehouses got it before the cut-off for pulling this weeks books). So there’s a chance you’ll be able to get it on November 25, 2009, but double check before making a special trip. Otherwise, it should be everywhere else in the direct market next week, and could show up from other booksellers at any time (it’s showing up as In Stock on Amazon as of Nov. 29).

Update, there have been a few confirmed sightings. While the rest of us are waiting, here are some preview pages and a few words from long-time Beanworld fan Scott McCloud. Oh, and I think he did a few comics himself, in addition to his Beanworld fannishness…

Remember Here

Larry Marder has an advance copy of Book 3 in his hands!.

Should be in stores in just a few more weeks, finally continuing the story after 16 years.

New Beanworld – Dark Horse FCBD 2009

As mentioned a few days back, one of Dark Horse’s offerings for Free Comic Book Day 2009 was a sampler with four stories. One side is some Star Wars thing, and if you flip it over, you get some Beans, with Beanworld characters all over the cover (along with Usagi Yojimbo, Indiana Jones and Emily the Strange). A few more Beans decorate the table of contents, and then there’s a 2-page primer on the Beanworld, introducing the main characters and quickly running through the basics of a Chow Raid.

Nothing much new for the old hands at the Beanworld concept, but hopefully it’ll be enough to spur on the curiosity of a few of the people who see it and haven’t heard of the book before.

New Beanworld Day – Wahoolazuma

Okay, for real this time, Larry Marder’s BEANWORLD BOOK 1: WAHOOLAZUMA! is out today from Dark Horse. Check out your favourite comic shop or order from your preferred on-line vendor. And out in a few months is A GIFT COMES!, finishing up the original 21 issue run, including several never reprinted stories, prior to a whole new book on track for later this year.