-Link- Marder panel at TCAF

A reminder that Larry Marder will be attending the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this weekend, May 8-9 2010.  The programming schedule includes this:

The Leguminous History of Larry Marder & The Beanworld
Saturday, May 8th, 2:15 – 3:15pm, Novella Room

Learn how beans have been part of Larry Marder’s life since the day he was born! The rich visual presentation covers the entire history of his peculiar fantasy dimension including discussion about Marder’s many influences. This is your opportunity to discover why Beanworld has captivated readers from grade school to grad school since its first publication as a series of comic books in the 1980s. Now Beanworld is at Dark Horse Comics entertaining an entire new generation of fans. Be the first to get a glimpse into Marder’s next original Beanworld graphic novel Something More!

Which is obviously a must-attend for Beanworld fans.  And obviously readers of Larry Marder’s blog know the usual things about saying the magic words, or trading in your art, and of course there should be:


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