Remember (almost) Here

Apparently BEANWORLD BOOK 3: REMEMBER HERE WHEN YOU ARE THERE appears on the invoices for some, but not all, comic shops getting books from Diamond this week (which probably means only one of their warehouses got it before the cut-off for pulling this weeks books). So there’s a chance you’ll be able to get it on November 25, 2009, but double check before making a special trip. Otherwise, it should be everywhere else in the direct market next week, and could show up from other booksellers at any time (it’s showing up as In Stock on Amazon as of Nov. 29).

Update, there have been a few confirmed sightings. While the rest of us are waiting, here are some preview pages and a few words from long-time Beanworld fan Scott McCloud. Oh, and I think he did a few comics himself, in addition to his Beanworld fannishness…


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