New Beanworld Day

dhbeanTHE BEANWORLD HOLIDAY SPECIAL should be available in better comic book stores today. And while you’re there, let them know if you’re interested in the upcoming collection WAHOOLAZUMA!, scheduled for February 11, 2009.

And now I has it and it is good! Check out the official Hoo-Hoo-HAs & a Hoka-Hoka-HEY! letter column type thing for the 21st century for more.


2 responses to “New Beanworld Day

  1. This is wonderful!! I just ordered this. Sorry I didn’t notice this a month a half sooner. I was just checking the Beanworld site on a whim and boom! New comic!! Sweet!! Can’t wait to see what’s new in Beanworld. I especially hope to see more interaction between Beanish and his.. what did he call the Sun Lady? Or whatever she was. That was always cute.

  2. I got my copy of this last night. Good story! I started to read through it quickly, but decided to wait and EXPERIENCE Beanworld. What fun. I’m glad Dreamishness had a good role in this (since she did not have so much a role or was really seen since issue #16 of the series).

    The Hoi Polloi were not featured as much. Kinda a shame. But really they were featured as much as usual.

    This story is obviously an in between story, but a good story none the less.

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