Bean Spotting – Marvels #3 [1994]

Marvels #3 [1994]
by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross

You can tell I’m running close to the end of these when I get to one like this…

MARVELS was one of the big song and dance super-hero production numbers of 1994, and was also a comic where Kurt Busiek decided that he would have actual text in the prop newspapers that appeared in the book, rather than “lorem ipsum” type text. And I guess after writing enough of that he went batty. So this page featuring some newspapers on the day after Galactus’ first invasion of Earth feature some rather odd text hidden in the corner, proclaiming that “Larry Marder is God” and apparently something about the UN declaring him to be the “nexus of…” [all comic book realities, presumably].

If you can take the squinting, the J. Jonah Jameson editorial speculating that the whole “Galactus invasion” was a hoax is worth reading as well, especially toward the end, where he starts ranting about that guy on a surfboard. The rest of MARVELS is worth a read as well.

This column was presumably present in all the myriad reprints of MARVELS that have come out since.



3 responses to “Bean Spotting – Marvels #3 [1994]

  1. I suspect this may be riffing off of a bit in Understanding Comics. There’s some text in it, just some spacefiller, but if you look at it you can find a secret message “Larry Marder is God I have proof he’s God”. So Busiek put a reference to that here — note the reference to Ivy McCloud.

    Incidentally, Busiek writes real articles whenever he has newspaper or magazine text visible in a panel; it’s never just “lorem ipsum”.

  2. I missed that bit in UC. I’ll have to dig it out and add it to the other bits of Bean-spotting from the book.

  3. It’s on page 47 of my original Tundra edition. In case the page numbering has changed, the 24th page of chapter 2. In the second panel, just below and to the left of Scott’s glasses, find the word “Larry” and read downwards.

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