Bean Spotting – Amazing Heroes #176 [1990]

Amazing Heroes #176 [1990]
“The Cartoonist” by Teri S. Wood

Another entry in this list from Teri Wood, best known for her work on comics like WANDERING STAR and RHUDIPRRT, PRINCE OF FUR. From her regular humour strip based on current comics for AMAZING HEROES from 1989 to 1992 called “The Cartoonist”, featuring her (as an animated signature) interacting with a young woman named Silver and whatever comic characters she felt like poking fun at that issue. Very minor mention of Marder as the source for the swiped bean that grew Silver’s plant. The plant would continue to appear in a few strips, until Swamp Thing shows up and grows a new body out of it a few issues later.

The whole sequence of strips and others were reprinted in the 1997 published THE CARTOONIST #1 from Sirius.



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