Marder-ography – DIYB certificate

One of the regular features of the second half of the TALES OF THE BEANWORLD series was the Do-It-Yourself Beanworld contest, where Larry Marder would provide a four panel wordless comic sequence and invite readers to fill it in as they saw fit. Several entries would run in a later issue, with the winners getting a certificate suitable for framing. I’ve gotten a few people e-mailing since I re-started Gunk’l’dunk asking about the certificate, but I’ve yet to dig out my copy (from contest 10). Fortunately, Stéphane Bura, one of the winners of contest 8, provided a scan, seen over on the right. Below is Stéphane’s winning entry from TotB #17.

Larry Marder has made mention on his blog recently that the DIYB contest will probably be seen in some form in the future of the Beanworld, possibly as an on-line feature.



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