Marder-ography – Savage Dragon #50 [1998]

Pin-up by Larry Marder

Erik Larsen’s SAVAGE DRAGON is a bit of an anomaly among the founding Image comics, in that Larsen has continued to write and draw it from its inception, instead of handing it off to other hands.

Anyway, back in 1998 he reached a milestone, #50, and decided to celebrate it with a big 100-page issue with a lot of guests on pin-up pages and back-ups while continuing his string of writing and drawing the main story. Among the pin-ups was this piece from then Image executive director Larry Marder. Taking the same approach as he did with his earlier Shadowhawk piece he reduces the character down to iconographic basics, in this case the impossibly muscled arm, the clenched fist, the fin and the angry eyes (looking kind of like Dreamishness’ eyes during Total Eclipse), and surrounded by symbols of power and energy. Sort of a spawn (if you’ll pardon the expression) of the Kirby branches of the Inspiration Constellation. Cute piece, I think.


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