Marder-ography – Tales of the Beanworld (self-published) #4 [1983]

Continuing Shield Albright’s much appreciated comparison of the self-published Beanworld issues with the eventually published final version a few years later. Just a few minor changes in the conclusion of “The Legend of Pop! Pop! Pop!”.

TOTB self-pub #4/TOTB #1

1/25: Same, except that the Home Sweet Home painting in the regular edition replaces the self-pub logo and the family portrait was moved up a bit.

2-4/26-28: Same

5/29: Same, except the smudged remains of the villain are slightly smudgier

6-7/30-31: Same

8/32: The Chowdown pool and occupants are the same, but the background is different. The pile of chow is just to the right of the pool. The weapon is missing from the background. The grass horizon line is a line with vertical marks for grass instead of a jagged line. The sky has clouds on the horizon and a larger sun, both shaded with pencil (which, frankly, looks rather sloppy). While Mr.Spook seems to be the same picture, it seems his fork was redrawn.


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