Marder-ography – Lady Arcane #2 [1992]

Lady Arcane #2 [1992]
Art by Larry Marder

This is a rather unusual Beanworld cameo. LADY ARCANE was a spin-off of the Hero Graphics books FLARE and CHAMPIONS, featuring Donnah Hannah, a magical super-hero who is the grand-daughter of Doctor Arcane. In the lead story this issue, “Gifts” (by Dennis Mallonee, Duval Stowers and Craig Stormon), Lady Arcane visits some other-dimensional friends of her grand-father as part of her training, and receives various magical objects or knowledge from them. The one we’re concerned about here is her brief visit with Professor Garbanzo of the Beanworld, where she gets a Twink and a Mystery Pod. On the next page she refers to them as “goofy knick-knacks” and her grand-father informs her:

Those “knick-knacks”, as you describe them, embody the essence of the technology of that world. That was a magnificent gift.

There’s also a brief plug for TALES OF THE BEANWORLD on that page. Proffy’s brief cameo was drawn by Larry Marder, and if I’m remembering what Mallonee mentioned years ago correctly there was some plan for the use of the objects in the future, although I’m not sure if that ever worked its way into a published story.



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