Marder-ography – Tales of the Beanworld (self-published) #2 [1983]

Continuing Shield Albright’s much appreciated comparison of the self-published Beanworld issues with the eventually published final version a few years later.

TOTB self-pub #2/TOTB #1

Page 1/11: Cover has same text as top tier, completely different images. Note how fork design differs from pin-up on back of regular edition

Page 2/11: First panel done in silhouette, other 6 panels seem to be the same (with the exception of the jump panels being shortened to fit in a three tier page instead of a 2 tier page

Page 3-7/12-16: Appear to be the same

Page 8/17: Top two thirds of the page is Gran’Ma’Pa dropping the weapon. Same layout, but self-pub has split it into three panels. First panel is Spook & Proffy. Second panel includes two chow sol’jers with chow-pluk-rs saying “Is Gran’Ma’Pa dropping a sprout-butt?” “Huh?” Third panel is the weapon dropping down. Self-pub bottom tier was dropped from regular comic. Spook runs up “It stops without a single bounce and FLOATS!” Proffy runs up “Gran’Ma’Pa sends us a remarkable gift!” Pluk’r stands by and says “That thing is weird…” while two other sol’jers stand by and watch


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