Product – TotB logo pin

I’m not one to really buy comic book related merchandise, but among the few items I have are some Beanworld related bits, many of which readers of the original series (as opposed to the collections) will recall seeing ads for. There were pins, rubber stamps, t-shirts, earrings and even bolo ties, among other things, most made by Planet Studios (they don’t sell them now, they seem to just do bulk sales of custom product now). I have two of the pins, including this one, of the TotB logo:

The photo doesn’t really capture the metallic shine.

The vast majority of Beanworld product I don’t have, though (the other pin I have is Mr. Spook, plus a few stickers and such make up most of it). If you’ve got a photo of any Beanworld merchandise (especially a bolo tie), send it along and I’ll feature it on Gunk’l’dunk.

Mark has a few images (including two of the the classic Beanworld Action Figures, which I have one of somewhere) over on this page of the BeanWeb.


One response to “Product – TotB logo pin

  1. You can find pics of some Beanworld tchotchkes I’ve collected at this page:

    Included are ten cloisonné pins, a bolo tie, two stickers and a postcard. Enjoy!

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