Bean Spotting – Understanding Comics [1993]

Understanding Comics [1993]
by Scott McCloud

Larry Marder is among those credited with “Editorial advice and selective ego-trimming” for Scott McCloud’s breakout 1993 treatise on the comics form, with some elaboration on that in the acknowledgements. McCloud also managed to get two little figures of Beanish in among the large samples of the varied world of comics.

On page 4 it’s literally a world, with a globe representing about a hundred or so samples of comic characters. Beanish is up there on the right edge.

Later in the book, on pages 52 and 53, McCloud presents a more formal study of the world of comics, placing over 100 samples in his triangular plane of reality, meaning and design. Beanish is #6, high and to the right.

LARRY MARDER‘s Beanish from TALES OF THE BEANWORLD. “Resembling” nothing ever seen (hence all the way to the right) Marder’s beans walk the line from design to meaning.

UNDERSTANDING COMICS has seen multiple printings from at least four different publishers and should still be readily available, and is well worth picking up.




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