Bean Spotting – Zot #34 [1990]

Zot #34 [1990]
By E. Yarber and Matt Feazell

The ultimate Beanworld crossover comes in the form of a six-page backup story in this issue featuring the “Dimension 10 1/2” form of Zot.*

[*ZOT #10 1/2 was a stick-figure mini-comic collaboration by Feazell and Scott McCloud published in the hiatus between ZOT #10 and #11. Feazell continued it as a back-up in ZOT after that, including a full sized special ZOT #14 1/2]

A great little story, a real treat for fans of the two worlds that are colliding. Zot, Jenny and Woody are sailing in a boat with a star on it when they get surrounded by Mystery Pods, which at mid-day is apparently enough to activate some Float Force and transport them to the Thin Lake. They arrive at the Beanworld, which is suffering from Reality Rot, warping the perception of the Beans and everything else. After Zot and friends help by conducting a Chow Raid against some confused Hoi Polloi they take Mr. Spook, Proffy and Beanish back to their world to find a cure. There we get such spectacles as Mr. Spook playing role-playing games (a real problem with his legendary lack of imagination), Proffy encountering junk food (including “Twinks”, “Chips”, “Bars” and “Butts”) and Beanish painting in watercolour, attracting the ire of Jesse Helms (?) before some Goofy Jerks arrive to take them home, explaining that Earth is a Reality Rot magnet so that the Beanworld will now be cured. Enigmatic ways to heal itself, indeed. All of this accompanied with copious footnotes by Beanworld and Zot editor Cat Yronwode.

Brilliant stuff, lots of clever jokes playing off each group of characters, and the artwork is spot on almost to the point that I’m not certain Marder didn’t draw his own characters. If you’re a Beanworld fan this is probably the one outside guest bit that you have to read.


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