Marder-ography – Scout #17 [1987]

Scout #17 [1987]
3-page Beanworld cameo by Tim Truman and Larry Marder

Among my favourite Beanworld guest shots is this issue of Tim Truman’s SCOUT series, also published by Eclipse. In this three page sequence, Scout is attempting a healing ceremony and encountered a monster. Suddenly, Mr. Spook and about a hundred Chow Sol’jers emerge from Scout’s gun and shows the monster how things are done the Beanworld way.

Mr. Spook then explains to Scout that his “singing travelled all the way to the Beanworld and carried us here”, and gives him a lesson on the importance of balance and harmony and urges him to “be a carrier of hope, and, perhaps, of life” as the Beans return home through Scout’s gun.

A great little sequence, absolutely true to both SCOUT and BEANWORLD mythologies and combining the two very different art styles seamlessly. Great stuff.

Tim Truman continues to do great work in comics, currently working on GRIMJACK with John Ostrander and writing CONAN, among other projects. The first SCOUT storyline (#1 to #7) was recently reprinted, so this storyline might see print again (probably in a hypothetical third book).


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