Bean Spotting – Zot #31 [1990]

Zot #31 [1990]
by Scott McCloud

Oddly enough, this was the first issue of ZOT that I read, and I got it shortly after discovering BEANWORLD and partly picked it up on the strength of the positive mentions of the book that I’d seen in BEANWORLD, as well as Scott McCloud’s introduction to the first BEANWOLD collection. So you can imagine my amusement when seven pages in the character featured this issue, Ronnie, mentions taking his girlfriend to a comic shop to get her BATMAN: YEAR ONE (admittedly a very well drawn comic) and how she almost bought an issue of “that cartoony Bean thing”. Complete with a panel of said girlfriend, Brandy, reading a comic that if you look real close has a scene of Beanish talking to Dreamishness. Now that’s attention to detail.

It’s also a very good comic overall, though probably not the best introduction to the world of Zot, since he barely appears in the story at all, this being in the middle of the excellent “Earth Stories” series, each one spotlighting the normal life of one of the regular teens in the book. Still, it was good enough to get me to read more, and eventually get all 36 issues of the series.

As mentioned before, McCloud went on to big things, and is currently touring the known universe in support of his book MAKING COMICS.


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