Bean Spotting – Zot #21 [1988]

Zot #21 [1988] (and others)
ad by Rafael Kayanan

1988 was Eclipse’s 10th anniversary, and as part of marking that they had a series of “Ten Years of…” ads focusing on the various types of comics they had published. ZOT #21 (and presumably other books, but this is the one a Beanworld fan is most likely to have) had one of the ads on the back cover, “Ten Years of Personal Vision”, with art by Rafael Kayanan, with many of the creator-owned characters that Eclipse had published. Beanworld is represented front and centre with Mr. Spook, Beanish and a pair of regular Beans. Also included are Zot, Jenny and Dekko from ZOT, Cynical-Man, Reid Fleming and more.

And yes, there is something odd about celebrating the personal vision of these features by having another artist draw the characters. Welcome to the dichotomy that was Eclipse…



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