Bean Spotting – Amazing Heroes #185 [1990]

Amazing Heroes #185 [1990]
“The Cartoonist” by Teri S. Wood

Teri Wood, best known for her work on comics like WANDERING STAR and RHUDIPRRT, PRINCE OF FUR, did a regular humour strip based on current comics for AMAZING HEROES from 1989 to 1992 called “The Cartoonist”, featuring her (as an animated signature) interacting with a young woman named Silver and whatever comic characters she felt like poking fun at that issue. One of my favourite was from #185, when Silver was transformed into a Bean for a guest spot by Mr. Spook. She captures the look of her character transformed to Bean form perfectly, and makes a nice Beanworld-centric joke which is probably still funny to those who don’t know the series.

This strip and others were reprinted in the 1997 published THE CARTOONIST #1 from Sirius.



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