-Link- Lowdown on Beanworld

Neil Figuracion writes about discovering Beanworld back in the 1980s as part of his Lowdown column on Broken Frontier.


2 responses to “-Link- Lowdown on Beanworld

  1. Wow! A Beanworld Blog!

    That’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.

    Ummm… You heard anything about new Beanworld? I wrote to Larry Marder but didn’t get a response.

    (Granted, I wrote to him a year and some change after I publicly said I was gonna. But still.)

  2. Thanks. No news, unfortunately. Trust me, within minutes of my hearing news it will be plastered on the front page of this site in big letters. Until then, enjoy the wide selection of obscure Beanworld related publications I’m featuring, and please spread the word about Gunk’l’dunk.

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