Bean Spotting – Total Eclipse #4 [1989]

Total Eclipse #4 [1989]
Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

Beanish became a surprisingly crucial part of this crossover series of many of the characters published by Eclipse, and the events became an important part of Beanworld lore as well. Marder explains how this came about in the third collection of TALES OF THE BEANWORLD, which reprints the Beanworld half of the crossover. For the actual TOTAL ECLIPSE series, Marder drew the Beanworld related characters, so that’ll be covered elsewhere, but I don’t think he drew the one cover appearance that Beanish had, with Bill Sienkiewicz scattering about two dozen Beanish figures across the front of this painted image which includes MiracleMan and Aztec Ace. I have to say, he does a pretty good job with a number of the poses.

Bill Sienkiewicz was a decent but pretty standard super-hero artist over at Marvel in the early 1980s, with a style heavily influenced by Neal Adams, until he “broke out” and started using some innovative design and storytelling techniques, not always successfully but always interestingly, and was a popular cover artist at this time. Major works include STRAY TOASTERS, BIG NUMBERS (incomplete), BROUGHT TO LIGHT, MOBY DICK, ELEKTRA ASSASSIN, MOON KNIGHT and NEW MUTANTS.



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