Marder-ography – normalman #6 [1984]

normalman #6 [1984]
Letter column illustration by Larry Marder

Jim Valentino’s entertaining NORMALMAN series ran through some very clever parodies of all styles of comics back in the mid-1980s. Larry Marder shows up in the letter column of #6 with a great looking colour illustration that Valentino calls his favourite to date. Little did he know that he’d be hiring Marder to run his company less than a decade later.

It is a fun illustration (though the printing of the colour is a bit off-register). For those unfamiliar with normalman, it captures all the basics in Marder’s typical stripped down iconographic style, norm’s blond crew-cut, thick-rimmed glassed, red bowtie and plaid jacket.

Jim Valentino had a long and varied career since this, obviously best known as one of the founders of Image comics. I’m especially fond of some of his early auto-biographical work, and it’ll be interesting to see his return to that in the upcoming DRAWING FROM LIFE series.


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