“All I retained was…”

A random look at panels and images from the Beanworld chronicles.

from page 18 of “The First Time Professor Garbanzo Discovered the Four Realities” – TotB #21 [1993]

Proffy uses the Action Effigies created by Beanish to tell the growing Cuties about the early days of the Beanworld. Sadly this has been the last new issue of the book to date, with only some short anthology stories, ashcans and reprints since, it definitely ended on a high note, with a lot of information coming out in this story, both directly and indirectly. I especially liked the “Action Effigies” and how the story was presented as a tale told the the Cuties, as their excitement and interpretations of what they’re hearing are no doubt a large part of the future of the Beanworld (their intrigue over Proffy’s dreams of flying are no doubt a precursor to some of the upcoming developments in Float Force research, based on the HUNGRY ashcan).


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