“To the Legendary Edge…”

The Small Small Picture, a random look at panels and images from the Beanworld chronicles.


from page 14 of “Too Much Chow!” – TotB #2 [1985]

Having agreed that the excess of chow is a problem, Mr. Spook and Proffy decide to ask the Hoi Polloi to take it back. I love this little image of them racing to the Legendary Edge, it has a very old-school super-heroic feel to it, you can almost see Batman and Robin in those exact poses in a 1950s comic.

I’m not sure it was ever addressed, but I’ve always wondered why the Beans always go to the Four Realities by the Edge side, not the Sandy Beach side. The only time I can recall them going down the other side was when Mr. Spook fell from the sky, and the others raced to rescue him, and they seemed to have to make more of an effort to go down, so I guess there’s a gravity thing that makes it easier to go down the left side and up the right side. Or maybe some sort of current.


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