Bean Spotting – Buck Godot – Zap Gun For Hire #4 [1994]

Buck Godot – Zap Gun For Hire #4 [1994]
By Phil Foglio with Barb Kaalberg

In the middle of his 8-issue adventure at the Gallimaufry, Buck Godot is suddenly attacked by ninja hordes, all working at cross purposes. For whatever reason, among those hordes it a a very determined looking Mr. Spook (just to the right of Buck’s head, if you’re looking for him on the full page).

Phil Foglio has done a bunch of great comics in the past two decades. My favourite of them is BUCK GODOT, but GIRL GENIUS, XXXENOPHILE and WHAT’S NEW are great as well. Currently his main work is GIRL GENIUS, with new material being serialized on the web before appearing in print collections. He’s also serializing old BUCK GODOT material on the web, currently the original colour graphic novels, but possibly going on the the 8-issue mini-series that this page is taken from sometime in the future.


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