Bean Spotting – Doctor Fate #41 [1992]

Doctor Fate #41 [1992]
Published by DC
Written by William Messner-Loebs, drawn by Peter Gross

As mentioned before, Marder was a regular letterhack to Loebs’ creator owned solo comic JOURNEY back in the 1980s. This I suppose partly explains the rather odd reference on page 14 of issue #41, the final issue of this particular Dr. Fate series.

Inza Nelson, then holder of the helmet and power of Fate, is reading a book called “Beans and The World” by “Fr. Lawrence Marder”, a geneticist and mystic who studied beans and taught using “subtle, illustrated metaphors”. Hmmm. Interestingly, the lesson she learns from the book is one straight out of the Beanworld, about how everything is connected and dependent, and is actually a crucial aspect of the final resolution of the series in the next ten pages.


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