Marder-ography – Images of Omaha #2 [1992]

Images of Omaha #2 [1992]
Pin-up by Larry Marder

OMAHA THE CAT DANCER was a long-running adult funny animal comic by Reed Waller and Kate Worley. At this time Waller was going through serious health problems that caused enough financial struggles that Kitchen Sink and a bunch of cartoonists got together to produce a pair of benefit books. This second one features a cover by Dave Sim and contributions from the likes of Al Williamson, Scott McCloud, Alan Moore, Melinda Gebbie, Bryan Talbot and dozens more. Well worth picking for many of the pieces if you don’t mind the nudity that figures into a lot of them. Larry Marder contributes one of the cleaner images in the book, a page with the title character dancing with about a dozen denizens of the Beanworld, capturing one of the important aspects of the series.

While Waller got through his medical problems, unfortunately Kate Worley passed away a few years ago. However, OMAHA continues with Waller working with Jim Vance on plot outlines that Worley had done before her passing, and the original series and new material is currently being published by NBM (, adult material at site).


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