Marder-ography – Zot #4 [1984]

Zot #4 [1984]
Illustrated letter by Larry Marder

Of course the ZOT / BEANWORLD and McCloud / Marder connection would grow quite a bit in the years to come, with them sharing a publisher, cameo appearances and minor references galore, one doing introductions for the others book and more. This letter was before BEANWORLD was published, though, and has Marder with a super-hero version on one of his Beans praising ZOT by comparing Jules Feiffer’s remarks about Superman creator Joe Shuster’s classic work and McCloud’s early issues.

Scott McCloud of course has come a long way from the early issues of ZOT, best known now for his non-fiction books on comics theory in comic book form, the latest of which, MAKING COMICS, he’s currently on a year-long tour promoting.



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