Marder-ography – The Art of Jack Kirby [1992]

The Art of Jack Kirby [1992]
published by Blue Rose Press

This heavily illustrated biography of Jack Kirby by Ray Wyman Jr. is flawed in some ways, but still an excellent look at the life of Kirby and a lot of his work. Among the sundry delights is this 1986 jam illustration given to Kirby by about fifty or so artists, and Larry Marder is right there in the middle of it all with one of his beans (look about two places over Groo if you’re looking for it on the full piece).

Kirby is of course at the forefront of the varied influences that led to Marder creating the Beanworld, most obvious in a couple of Mr. Spook’s more dramatic super-hero moments. And it goes without saying that I like him too.



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