Marder-ography – Journey #12 [1984]

Journey #12
July 1984, Aardvark-Vanaheim
Illustrated letter by Larry Marder

Even before BEANWORLD launched Larry Marder was a letter-hack of some note, sending illustrated notes to various books of the time. One of the most common places that actually ran the letters was William Messner-Loebs JOURNEY, a comic chronicling the frontier adventures of Wolverine MacAlistaire. Some aspects of Loebs’ stories dealt with the same aspects of Native American myth, ceremony and culture that Marder uses in his own work.

This little illustration was sent about #8 of the series, which had MacAlistaire revealing some of what he carried around with him. Some odd looking creatures in this one, no doubt from some far off corner of the Big Big Picture.

Bill Loebs did a lot of great comics work, either solo (JOURNEY, BLISS ALLEY) or as an artist (MR. MONSTER, WASTELAND) or a writer for other artists (JONNY QUEST, EPICURUS THE SAGE, FLASH). Unfortunately more recently he was in the news having fallen on some bad luck, but fortunately seems to have come out of that okay.



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