Bean Spotting – Wandering Star #9 [1995]

Wandering Star #9 [1995]
Pen & Ink Comics
by Teri S. Wood

WANDERING STAR was an excellent science fiction drama that ran 21 issues, first from Wood’s own Pen & Ink Comics and then from Sirius Entertainment from 1993 to 1997. Presenting the story of Cassandra Andrews, a young woman from Earth who attends a Galactic Academy and finds herself deep in the middle of an interstellar war with her friends. It’s a wonderful story, at various times exciting and amusing and then veering off into tragic and touching.

In this issue, Cassandra continues the story of her return to Earth, now under alien control, the death of a close friend and the discovery that her father is responsible for much of what has gone on. She returns to her room in the last scene, where we see that her decorations lean strongly to 200 year old self-published comic books, with posters including BONE, CEREBUS, STARCHILD, HEPCATS and STRANGERS IN PARADISE. She also has some small figures on her table, including Phone Bone and, in the point of this post, Beanish (plus I think that little thing next to him is Ted the Bug from BONE).

This story was also reprinted in the second of three WANDERING STAR trade paperback collections, and may be available in digital form from Wood’s website (the first four issues are available for free download, and the whole series is listed as being available on CD from there, but the page is a year old).



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