Bean Spotting – Patty Cake #7 [1996]

Patty Cake #7 [1996]
Permanent Press
“The Unkindest Cut” by Scott Roberts

This is the first series of Scott Roberts’ PATTY CAKE series, one of the best comics to come out of the 1990s, and which continues to this day in the PATTY CAKE AND FRIENDS series from Slave Labor / Amaze Ink. It’s a constantly delightful energetic comic about the wonders of life as seen through the eyes of a young girl. Highly recommended. Check the site here.

This two page story is a good example of Roberts’ mastery of his techniques, with a mostly silent story about Patty getting hurt, requiring a trip to the doctor and a ridiculously oversized needle (no doubt much bigger in her head than in life) to the butt. In the aftermath of the trauma, she’s spoiled by her parents with all the comforts of childhood, which in this case includes a BEANWORLD comic book, much to the disgust of her older sister.

Oddly, when the story was reprinted in the 2003 collection PATTY CAKE – LOVE IS ALL AROUND paperback from Amaze Ink, the page was slightly edited to remove the comic book. Not sure why that was done.


4 responses to “Bean Spotting – Patty Cake #7 [1996]

  1. I might need to go back and check the original art, but if I remember right, the Beanworld comic wasn’t part of the page as drawn. I believe I added it in on a xerox of the page. The self published issues were all printed from photocopies. The trade was printed from the original art, and I may have just forgotten about the Beanworld addition. Can’t imagine why else I would leave it out, since I love Beamworld.

  2. Beanworld, that is. Not Beamworld.

  3. Thanks for the added info, Scott. And wow, whole bunch of Scott Roberts comics I’ve never read before over on that webcomicsnation site! Excellent.

    Somewhere around here I’m sure I still have a copy of Larry Marder’s rendition of Patty Cake you sent me. I don’t think that ever made it into the comic.

  4. Ah yes, the Larry sketch. I always meant to run that, but, as my Patty Cake page at webcomicsnation shows, there was a growing stack of things that never got in the book. Mostly because I kept producing new material, and that tended to push things aside that had been waiting.
    Creators tend to be more ‘into’ their newest stuff, right or wrong…

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