Beanworld Book 4 scheduled


It’s been a while, but Dark Horse has just put the fourth volume of BEANWORLD on the schedule for next year.   It’s listed as a 152 page book, coming out in March, 2017. The subtitle is “Hoka Hoka Burb’l Burb’l”, and it’s described as:

The most peculiar comic book experience returns in an all-new volume–Beanworld Volume 4: Hoka Hoka Burb’l Burb’l! The Boom’r Band coaxes a new healing power out of Chow, leading to a visit from Dreamishness’s relatives–the Windy Songsterinos–who bring their gift of rain. The storm causes great changes to Mr. Spook, Beanish and the Pod’l’pool Cuties. Marder’s deceptively simple artwork illustrates a self-contained ecological fantasy realm with its own unique rules and lingo. Beanworld has delighted readers from grade school to grad school for more than a generation, earning a spot on the New York Times Graphic Books Best Sellers List.

ISBN-10: 150670218X
ISBN-13: 978-1506702186

Quick notice of digital sale

Sorry there hasn’t been much posting here in a while. That might change soon.

In the meantime, quick notice that today (Dec 1, 2014) Dark Horse has a half price sale on their whole digital catalog, including the three volumes of Beanworld:

(doesn’t look like the colour “3.5” is available digitally yet). Hop on quick if you’re interested.

New Beanworld – Volume 3.5 colour hardcover

Now available, the latest Beanworld book from Larry Marder and Dark Horse, TALES OF THE BEANWORLD aka BEANWORLD VOLUME 3.5, collecting various colour stories, including the revamped ASYLUM story “While We Wuz Eatin'” (previously “While We Were Eating”).  Click here for more details and some sample pages.

REMEMBER HERE released digitally

BEANWORLD BOOK 3: REMEMBER HERE WHEN YOU ARE THERE is now available digitally from Dark Horse, joining the previous two books in that format. So if that’s your reading preference now is a good time to catch up, with the colour short story collection coming out soon (not sure if that’ll be released same-day digital as  print, but if not I’m sure it’ll follow shortly).

-Link- Marder interview at Scripts & Scribes

One hour audio interview of Larry Marder at the Scripts & Scribes podcast, where he talks about the origin of the Beanworld, his early self-publishing, his time at Image comics and his reasons for going to Dark Horse with his return to Beanworld.

A GIFT COMES digital available

ImageA GIFT COMES, the second Beanworld collection collecting the second half of the original run, is now available digitally from Dark Horse for $13, to be read in your web or through the available apps for Android or Apple’s iOS. For those who prefer print, it’s still available in that format as well.

Rest in Peace, Cory Marder

Larry Marder has just posted about the passing of his wife and inspiration Cory Marder. All condolences to him in this time, and a salute to her for the pivotal role she played in the development of the Beanworld.